3DMax / Maya often crashes, completely uninstall and delete residual files

Many friends often experience software crashes when using the software. After repeated installation several times, they still start to crash. At the request of netizens, SSS will write up the experience for your reference.

First of all, why does this happen? This is because the installed supported applications, including their additional modules, registry information, and plug-ins you have not cleaned up, of course, SSS does not rule out the possibility of virus infection.

Secondly, for the uninstallation of the application, you can uninstall it through the control panel, or you can uninstall it through the special uninstall software. Okay, then we use the control panel to uninstall.

Note: The picture below shows 3DMAX and related additional modules [the following uninstallation has been 3DMAX 2014 as an example], if you only need to repair a certain program, then only need to uninstall the main program, others can be retained, such as the material list module If you need to uninstall completely, the following additional programs must be uninstalled separately.

1. Before uninstalling, the plug-ins you install also need to be uninstalled separately. The process of uninstalling plug-ins and software, SSS will not be displayed. If the uninstallation is completed, then we have to go to the relevant folder to delete and open the 3DMAX installation path [Your max installation home directory], for example SSS:

C: Program Files Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 delete this folder.

2. Delete the user profile folder, for example SSS:

C: Users SSS AppData Roaming Autodesk 3DSMAX
C: Users SSS AppData Local Autodesk
C: ProgramData Autodesk 3dsMax 2014

Delete the remaining products from the registry, and remember not to delete them by mistake. Incorrect deletion may make the operating system unusable.

Click Run [small circle in the lower left corner of Win 7], enter REGEDIT in the input field, and then press Enter. In the registry editor that opens, find and delete the following subkeys:

– HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Autodesk
– HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Autodesk

After deleting, close the editor and restart the computer.

Finally, reinstall 3DMAX to perfectly solve the crash and other problems.

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