3DsMax Advanced Renderer – VRAY v4.02.04 For 2013-2019 [First release]

Main functions of VRAY 4.0

Highly optimized ray tracing rendering
Use V-Ray’s adaptive ray tracing technology to render professional-quality realistic pictures and animations.

Powerful GPU rendering — now supports mixed rendering modes
V-Ray GPU CUDA can now be rendered on both the CPU and GPU, making full use of all hardware resources.

Full interactive product rendering.

V-RAY DENOISER noise reducer
Automatically remove noise, save up to 50% of rendering time.

Continue rendering after interruption
The rendering can be terminated at any time, and the remaining content can be continuously rendered at any time.

Global illumination
Choose from several global illumination calculation schemes – accurate, approximate, or a mixture of the two.

Adaptive lighting
A new algorithm that significantly accelerates the rendering speed of multi-light scenes.

Accurate lighting
Simulate various types of natural light, artificial light sources and picture-based lighting. With area light sources, sun and sky, and IES lights.

Realistic camera
Work like a photographer. The same parameter control method as the real camera can capture the depth of field and motion blur effect with rich details.

Interactive lens effects
GPU accelerated light and halo effects can be enabled and adjusted during the rendering process.

Virtual Reality
Experience your plan in virtual reality. To output content to mainstream VR headsets, it can output 6 × 1 cube and spherical stereo camera types.

Physically based materials
Create any type of physically accurate material. Whether it’s multi-layered car paint or accurate subsurface scattering, you can make any material you can imagine.

ALSURFACE material
Anders Langlands created a universal material shader with a built-in SSS layer-suitable for making skins.

Memory-saving texture
Can be used with MARI, Mudbox and Zbrush to generate mainstream, multi-resolution tile textures for rendering.

Hair and hair
Efficiently render realistic hair effects without flicker. V-Ray provides hair generated by the program, optimized hair material shaders, and supports 3ds Max Hair & Fur, HairFarm and Ornatrix.

Special function geometry
Create special geometry, such as infinite planes, metaballs and isosurfaces, particles and cut objects that take effect during rendering.

Volume rendering
Render smoke, fog and atmospheric effects with correct lighting. Support Houdini, FumeFX and PhoenixFD volume grid cache.

V-RAY frame buffer window
You can browse, analyze, and adjust the rendering results directly in the advanced frame buffer window of V-Ray, which can guarantee the WYSIWYG rendering results.

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