3DsMax renderer: VRayNEXT v4.10.03 For 2014-2020

VRay Next Update 1 – new features

Modify function:
V-Ray: reduce the news about invalid bump normals;
V-Ray IPR: Does not calculate the rendering elements of the viewport IPR (except for noise remover);
V-Ray GPU: consistent light rendering elements;
VRayFastSSS2: When V-Ray GPU is the current renderer, hide the “single scattering” ray tracing (refraction) and ray tracing (solid) modes because they are not compatible;
VRayProxy: Alembic meshes exported from Phoenix for 3ds Max 2019 can now be rendered using motion blur;
VRayVolumeGrid: Add empty grid size and resolution options to the user interface;
VRayVolumeGrid: optimize volume rendering when texture modulate smoke opacity;

Bug fixes:
V-Ray: Artifacts in the alpha channel with many transparent objects;
V-Ray: When the “Consistent lighting elements” option is enabled, the lighting elements on the mask object are incorrect;
V-Ray: Illumination elements will not propagate through refractions with consistent illumination elements enabled;
V-Ray: The lighting of VRayLightMtl lacks direct lighting in consistent rendering element output;
V-Ray IPR: In the previous version of IIIDEA, using the viewport and VFB to switch back and forth, it is easy to cause a crash. This version fixes the BUG crash function caused by the VRay agent;
V-Ray Intellectual Property: Unhide and not update by category;
V-Ray IPR: Viewport IPR option is missing in non-English 3ds Max instances;
V-Ray GPU: Alembic VRayProxy copy disappears randomly (since 4.10.01);
V-Ray GPU: artifacts with masks and adaptive dome lights;
V-Ray GPU: Crash when rendering animation sequences using DR and animation lights;
V-Ray GPU: Crash when stopping viewport IPR during kernel compilation;
V-Ray GPU: When moving the time slider in the motion blur V-Ray GPU IPR, the gradient ramp stops working;
V-Ray GPU: The generated rendering of the deleted particle source sequence of VRayInstancer returns an error (since 4.10.01);
V-Ray GPU: VRayProxy update animation stops when changing its object ID during IPR (since 4.10.01);
VRayFur: Does not export animation parameters;
VRayFur: wrong placement of selected faces in .vrscenes;
VRayLight: Some spinners in the UI are used to disable attributes;
VRayMDL: material with material.ior, it depends on the material parameter collapse in V-Ray GPU IPR;
VRayOptionRE: When the rendering element is placed at the end of the list, it crashes to the desktop;
VRayPluginNode: Use VRayPluginNodeMtl ​​in 3ds Max 2013 to crash to the desktop (since 4.10.01);
VRayScannedMtl: VRayReflection of different buckets and DR hosts in VRayDiffuseFilter;
VRayVolumeGrid: Even if there is no volume grid in the scene, warnings about DR and local paths still appear;
ply2vrmesh.exe: The -velocityAttrName parameter does not apply to Alembic input files;

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