To you who are just learning and are lost in the CG industry

Some views on learning may not be adapted to today’s times, it is a superficial talk.

Many people ask us every month in these years. Most of the similarities are that they do n’t know how to learn and are a little confused. We feel that today’s era may not be very strict with professional requirements. Unlike our student era, all knowledge needs to be actively obtained by yourself, and the difficulty of obtaining is very large, so you don’t need to get confused. In the Internet age, most technologies and most information are public. The only thing depends on whether you insist on it or not.

Of course, perseverance does not mean that you want to reach the first, and you may not need to reach that height. If the door is really unsuccessful, just assume it has not been done. No one knows, just adapt to the rhythm of life in this era. , You say it!

Knowledge still has to be solidly studied. I remember that in 2004-05 we did n’t have much video material, almost no, mainly books, with some projects, so books were the hottest to acquire knowledge around 2005 The best way, a three-dimensional book 139 USD is high-quality, but still does not bring video tutorials, then the highest broadband is only 2MB, the dormitory has no Internet, the next 1G tutorial has to stay in the Internet cafe for a long time, almost a day or two Can be downloaded. Occasionally, the next bad tutorial throws a trash can.

It is still very important for the accumulation of experience, it does not necessarily take one step to reach the top. This feels a bit more difficult, and it feels so difficult when you do it, and it often makes you stop. Our project is still the knowledge used for self-study more than ten years ago, and it is still very good to use now. This is actually related to practice. The accumulation of hundreds of projects day and night has actually penetrated into the bone marrow. And now, a variety of plug-ins, various preset special effects, tutorials, and continuous learning are enough to achieve a Hollywood elite. In many cases, if you do n’t reach that height, you will enter the door first, and there is no burden for simple learning. In the future, keep practicing. As experience accumulates, it will naturally become stronger, do you think!

Although it used to be active acquisition, it was a little difficult. Now active acquisition is indeed easier than you think, and it may appear automatically in front of you occasionally.

The above is a bit of thoughts, the experience may not necessarily adapt to this stage, we hope it can give you a little inspiration.

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