AE lighting effects plug-in: OpticalFlares V1.3.5 CS5-CC 2019, with complete lighting presets

Once the lighting factory ruled AE for more than ten years, AK God ’s OpticalFlares for at least 20 years ~ Expect AK to produce a subversive particle plug-in like Particular, Particular updated once every ten years ~, Video Copilot OpticalFlares 1.3.5 contains crack steps And all lighting presets

Support After Effects CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019
basic introduction
Optical Flares is a halo plug-in produced by VideoCopilot in January 2010. It is very popular because of its convenient operation, gorgeous effect, and fast rendering speed. The latest version is Optical Flares 1.3.5. It’s a bit tedious, especially the installation of this plug-in on Apple computers is a headache. The plug-in is suitable for Win systems: Adobe After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC2015 recommend using the latest version of Adobe After CC for more effective it is good.

installation method
Install OpticalFlaresInstaller_1.3.5_Win.exe plug-in
Open the AE software, add the plug-in to the solid layer, a pop-up window will appear, copy the pop-up window serial number, and close the AE software
Open the registration machine LicfileGen.exe, paste the serial number just copied, click Generate License, save the registration file to the AE plug-in directory
(The general directory is:… ../ Adobe After Effects CSX Support Files Plug-ins Optical Flares)
Open the AE software, add the plug-in, the picture is no noise, and the crack is complete.
Default installation: Open the Presets_Bundle folder and copy the folder inside to: ../Adobe After Effects CSX Support Files Plug-ins Optical Flares Optical Flares Presets Lens Flares

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