How to study matching fashion clothes for women?Let’s start by understanding your own characteristics (including body shape, skin tone, hair color, body fat, etc.), and understand the basics of color matching and style matching. Then combine your body type, choose the color and style that suits you in the basic style.Then the more advanced is to watch street photography, summarize some matching skills and principles, slowly learn and apply, and improve the level of wearing.

  1. Know yourself

1.1 Know your body type

1.2 Know your suitable color

1.3 Know your suitable style (basically wear interspersed clothing)

1.4 Know what you need for different occasions

1.5 Build your wardrobe

  1. Clothing color/style matching

2.1 Basic principles of clothing matching

2.2 Practical skills of clothing matching

1 Know yourself

1.1 Know your own body type

The first figure: banana type

First, look at a rough body shape classification chart. The figure above divides the female body into four types:

These four figures are theoretically distinguished according to the measurements. The banana-shaped body has very small measurements, and the measurements are not very different (I think the tall banana-shaped body is basically wider at the shoulders, so it looks at least straight. It’s only necessary to emphasize the waist line, and generally have long legs, so it is not difficult to match); the apple-shaped figure is in the normal range of measurements, the chest-waist gap is large, and the waist-hip gap is small (the performance is no waist), and In many cases, even if the weight is light, there are surprisingly many meat on the belly; the pear-shaped bust is small, the waist circumference is average or small, and the hip circumference is large. Finally, the ideal perfect body is the hourglass-shaped, large chest, thin waist, and large hips.

The above is just a theoretical classification method. In fact, the specific body type depends not only on the measurements, but also on the front side. In addition to the measurements, the important body data also includes height, shoulder width, leg length, head size, face shape, Hair style, three-dimensional sharpness of facial features, etc., will affect the overall temperament and style, which will be explained in detail below with examples.

Why propose a body type classification style? Because after knowing our body type, we can theoretically know what needs to be changed in order to achieve the final x shape. For example, the banana shape must strengthen the chest and hip lines, and the apple shape must strengthen the waist and waist. The line of the crotch, the pear shape should strengthen the upper body, weaken the lower body and reveal the natural and graceful curve of the waist to the hip, and due to factors such as leg length and shoulder width, even the perfect x-shaped figure on the data needs to be paid attention to in order to show Better state.

The four types are detailed below. These are based on my personal understanding and judgment. Welcome everyone to join the discussion.

Banana type: One is for girls with small skeletons, with narrow shoulders and narrow hip bones, so the waistline is not obvious. Generally, this type of body will be matched with a flat chest.

The advantage of temperament is that it is small, and casual clothes can basically be worn well. But if it is too thin, the head will appear big. If it is not white, it will look lacklustre, and it will be difficult to have aura.

A typical representative of the banana body

Based on the above body characteristics, the overall feeling of the face,

The suitable styles for the banana figure are:

Loli style, gentle, literary spirit, concise and generous neutral style, tomboy (not recommended)-the banana figure mentioned here is generally small, and it feels light and small. It is recommended to emphasize the girly feeling. A sense of purity.

Routes that are not suitable for a banana figure are:

Sexy, gorgeous, royal sister, queen

The fit and unfit here are in a general sense, supplemented by suitable hairstyles, styles, and scenes, people with a banana body can also take a fairly feminine route.

The hairstyle used to add a sense of volume, not so small, plus the shoulder extension lines, layered wear, to a certain extent alleviate the feeling of small skeleton, so you can get rid of the girly feeling and enter the femininity.

In theory, the banana-shaped figure should also include tall people with no chest or hips, but because tall people generally have wide shoulders, they are treated differently visually, which has been mentioned above.

The second figure: Apple type

There are actually fewer Asian female stars with apple-shaped bodies, because Asian women are more pear-shaped. If you search for the keyword “apple-shaped female stars”, there will be many examples that I don’t think are apple-shaped.

I think the female star with the apple shape on the skeleton is her

Apple-shaped body generally has longer and slender legs, but it is not commensurate with this, is the short and thick waist, it is easy to have no waistline (because there is no waist), as for some people will question why her bust is not big It’s apple-shaped, I don’t think any of her circumference will stand out with her weight, but even if she is so thin, she doesn’t have a waist, so I classify her as an apple-shaped.

Unlike the Apple-style dressing strategy mentioned above (strengthening the crotch), the female star’s dressing strategy directly abandoned the outline of the upper body curve, but used loose upper body clothes to create an atmosphere suitable for her temperament, and then exposed the long With thin legs, she doesn’t seem to intend to make herself appear “concave and convex”, but to make herself appear more fairy and thinner, so her dress collocation is not a standard tutorial for this article.

There is almost no emphasis on the tailoring of the waistline, but the hip is emphasized,

The skirt opens up, visually opens the crotch, and slightly exaggerates the chest, so there is an x ​​line.

She is more suitable for white than nude, because she is white.

In fact, with this figure, the upper body is loosely dressed, and the lower body is suitable for wearing tights or bare legs (exposing slender legs), but in order to emphasize the femininity, she wears skirts more

From the above examples, we can get that although according to the body type theory, everyone should move closer to the x-shape, but in fact, due to personal aesthetic preferences, everyone does not necessarily pursue such an effect, but even so, the basic theory is still important Yes, because you can choose clothes not based on the basic theory (that is, don’t make yourself a perfect x-shape as the top priority for dressing and matching, which is completely okay), but basically it’s hard to deviate from this. Theory (such as pear-shaped body but you want to show your thighs and crotches). How to properly outline the figure, how to match colors, how to emphasize how to weaken, these basic knowledge, all styles need to understand. As for whether you will follow all the instructions after you understand it, it is not certain.

The third body shape: pear shape

Asian women have small breasts and pear-shaped bodies are common. As mentioned above, because Asian women have flat buttocks, in many cases, even if the bust and hip circumferences are similar, they are pear-shaped from the front. Therefore, it is meaningful for everyone to analyze the pear shape.

According to the theory we said above, we know that compared to the apple-shaped figure by emphasizing the crotch to outline the curve, the pear-shaped figure has two strategies. One is to show the upper body line and weaken the crotch to get a slimmer x-shape. , A-line skirts or slightly inwardly retracted skirts can have this effect. One is to strengthen the upper body lines to emphasize the upper body to balance with the big hips.

Representative of pear-shaped body

In fact, she is not a small breast but too big hips. Her hips are not only wide hips, but also fleshy, so it is not particularly suitable for covering the lower body. With the public personality of Europeans and Americans, she uses more collocations. The strategy is to emphasize the upper body to gain balance.

The fourth body shape: hourglass

Finally, I talked about the hourglass shape, that is, the perfect body, so does this kind of body look good in everything? Not necessarily. This kind of figure is a very feminine and grand figure. On the contrary, it does not match with casual wear, and the big bust is often accompanied by high body fat, and the covering of flesh will also belong to this group of people. desire. As mentioned before, even the hourglass figure, leg length, head size, face shape, hairstyle, etc. will affect the overall feeling. Therefore, these people will also need to understand the basics of matching.

Suitable style: Compared with the banana-shaped body, the hourglass-shaped body is often fully developed. It is not that the banana-shaped body has no feminine characteristics, but the banana-shaped body is more pure and pure, and the hourglass-shaped body is more sexy and charming.

The goddess very well embodies the point that the waistline is the lifeline of a woman. She can forget the proportion, forget the high and forget the thinness, but she will definitely not forget to reveal her waist. If you have the advantages of a goddess, you can dress as much as you like.

A goddess with an hourglass figure is a goddess even if her legs are not long.

Even if high school students dress up, do they look like precocious high school students?

Know your body type: concluding remarks & advanced

The four body types mentioned above are only used as a theoretical basis, but don’t they all have to become hourglasses? In this regard, everyone’s pursuit is different, and all shortcomings have their own characteristics, not necessarily shortcomings are bad-then, why do we need a theoretical model? Because, as a beginner in clothing matching, we are still very ignorant. We neither know the style, color, style, nor do we know which style is most suitable for us internally and externally. We do not have a strong style, so we must start from the basics. Only by learning how to add and subtract, can we add and subtract our own style from the basic style of the model.

Miss Coco said: Fashion is perishable, but style is eternal. This sentence may have different interpretations in the eyes of different people, but I interpret her as people should wear what suits them, that is to say their own style, rather than chasing fashion-if you have thin waist and thick legs, why follow the trend Wearing a cocoon coat? The goddesses never chase fashion and forget their own style. If they do, it must be the day they step down from the altar. Why does Hepburn love the word collar so much? Because she has very beautiful shoulder lines and collarbone. Maybe you are not as good as Hepburn when you wear a one-word collar, but there is always a dress that will make you feel that others will not compare to you in the same dress, and that should be your style.

Therefore, to understand your body type, in addition to understanding your own body type, please carefully observe yourself in the mirror and write down the strengths and weaknesses of your body-every time you write a weakness, you must write a strength. On the basis of basic matching types, clothing has a larger principle: to maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses, which may even overshadow the need to reach the x type-we sometimes dress to make ourselves look better, and sometimes to reflect one This kind of feeling, wait, but no matter how you say it, even if the pursuit of x body shape changes, the idea of ​​promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses will not change-Megan never gives up the opportunity to show off his charming waistline, regardless of the style of dress I will never show my waistline honestly to you. The so-called style is probably based on this.

Extend your strengths and avoid weaknesses, that is, cover your undesirable places and reveal your fascinating places—the so-called cover is not necessarily a tight package, sometimes a natural excess (the line of a skirt is used to cover the wide crotch), and sometimes it is The disadvantage is the advantage (Keira Knightley’s green dress in the atonement made her flat chest become temperament) and so on; revealing does not have to be exposed, outline lines, color emphasis, and jewelry prints. Such effects. These will be discussed slowly with examples later.

1.2 Know your suitable color

There are many color theories about the colors that suit me, such as four seasons, cold and warm colors. I have studied them a little, but finally I found that the simplest and most effective method is not to study whether you are cold or warm, spring or summer-the most The ultimate method must be to bring the clothes close to the place where your skin is exposed, under natural sunlight, and observe carefully:

Will this color look good on my face?

Will this color make me fatter/slimer?

Does this color match my hair color?

This color is stain resistant/does it meet my needs for wearing this dress?

and many more

The color distinction is usually quite subtle. In addition, different materials, different patterns, and different body types can make different colors feel different-these differences are so subtle that I don’t think any one is classified. The color theory can be explained perfectly. Therefore, I am more inclined to make case analysis based on your own situation. However, since I hope to turn this answer into a tutorial, for the above questions, I will give some suggestions based on my own experience, but I am suitable for the color, and I strongly recommend that you analyze the above case-this way The analysis process is also the process of constructing your perception of color

Question 1: Will this color look good on my face

Principle 1: In terms of affecting the complexion, the closer you are to the face, the greater the effect on complexion. Generally speaking, for Asian skin color, the high-risk colors that make the complexion look bad include: black (significantly dull), yellow (Shows yellow face), orange (same as yellow, and easy to show dirt), green (same as yellow), purple (yellow contrast, easy to show yellow face) and all dark colors (so-called retro colors) )

In the case of dark hair, the black high collar will make the face look dull (silver ornaments are used here to brighten it, but the effect is not good because it is too far away from the face, and the lace material is used near the face, which is also transparent. It will reduce the dullness caused by black, you can imagine if it is all black and there is no jewelry, will it be very dull)

Solution 1: Use gold and silver jewelry to brighten up

Since gold and silver have their own luster, it can alleviate the dullness to a certain extent, but as mentioned above, if the collar is too high and too close to the face, the gold and silver must also be close to the face to brighten up, because the shape of necklaces and earrings is limited. , So the popular diamond-studded neckline actually solves this problem in one step

It’s better than black, and it’s naturally close to the face

Countermeasure 2: Use a small area of excessive color

If you can’t wear the above colors, use a slightly high-necked white/other bright colors or use lace with a similar effect on the neckline, which can also achieve a similar effect.

A large area of black transitions with a white collar.

Use a black fake collar (with fake diamonds on it) to transition the orange clothes (but frankly, it’s better not to challenge orange)

With the same color lip gloss and blush. But it still makes me feel ugly. Because this color is wrong.

There is really no way to wear this color, just use black inner transition (inner transition is also a very practical technique, such as sky blue or beige in a navy blue shirt to avoid dullness-so beige inner I think everyone has one), and notice that the whole body echoes the other color blocks in the black

Countermeasure 3: Leave bare skin and make the color block farther away from the face

Asian skin can generally be considered as light color, so even if it is a darker color, if you use a large collar, it will be very effective to reduce the dullness. The principle is similar to the light color transition mentioned above-it is worth noting that light The color has a swelling effect, and the bare skin is the same, so the exposed shoulders will appear wider than they actually are. For Asian women who generally slip shoulders, this is actually a good thing.

The picture below, this shoulder-the face is small, like this.

It is far away from the face without making the face dull

First of all, the orange here is not the kind of bright orange. Secondly, the shirt is unbuttoned to avoid being very close to the face-the shirt is a good thing, naturally forming a small round collar (tied all the buttons), small v-neck and large v-neck, so it is dark Shen color (dark blue and dark green) shirts can also be very versatile. Another point worth noting is the echo of the color of the bag and the color of the skirt pattern, and the color of the hair and the color of the coat echo the color of the bag.

Countermeasure 4: Use material to adjust the color so that the color that is not suitable for close to the face is not so realistic

Like this, the principle is similar to bare skin.

After talking about the high-risk colors of Asians, let’s talk about the colors that are more suitable for Asians. Everyone’s situation is different, but in general, Asians wear beige and light-colored clothes and red ones. Clothes, the complexion will look better (refers to the flushed complexion, not white)

Note that I am talking about off-white, not white. Some clothes are white and shiny, and white and blue. This white is generally more suitable for people with cool tones and very white skin. Compared with off-white It looks warmer, it is suitable for a wider area, and enhances the complexion

Shiny white, with a slightly yellow face, wearing this color is a disaster

Closer to off-white white, it feels softer

Another advantage of off-white is that it can better reflect our facial features, because compared with Europeans and Americans, Asians generally have flat facial features, lack of three-dimensional facial features, and unclear facial features, so if you use too bright colors, you must make up. Strengthen, otherwise the five senses will feel muddy, or that you can’t control the particularly bright colors. Light white at this point allows people to focus more on the only dark – facial features, hair, so Can make facial features more distinct

For example, the following actress is probably the most common face of East Asian women. The face is flat and the facial features are not distinctive (the eyebrows are thin, the eyes are small, the nose and mouth are not big, and the face lacks a sense of contour)

Her more successful look

White matches her light facial features and has a gentle feeling (she strengthened her eyebrows to strengthen her facial features)

This casual style is also very beautiful, because her features are not grand. Note that she uses a pattern necklace and lip color to echo her face

The other role of off-white is the inner build, which serves as a transition between two colors that are not particularly harmonious in the whole body match.

Like this, brighten and transition

The other kind of complexion is red, the principle is that it can be set against the red on the face, and the complexion looks good, but as in the example above, if the facial features are not clear, do not use bright colors like scarlet on a large area, and if the skin color Dull, don’t use dark red, so here is just generally speaking the red color, that is, the color mixed with some red factors

In fact, it’s good to find the right pink for you

Echoing the blush lip color, it can be gentle, suitable for occasions where you want to look more feminine

Two considerations for pink:

  1. White skin is suitable, black skin is also good. But yellow skin and dull skin, please choose a pink that is close to nude, not too pink

Second, pink gives a soft feeling and is suitable for brown hair. If the hair is dark and long (large color block), to avoid conflict, you can tie it up or coil it up (reduce the color block), like the picture above.

Principle 2: The larger the color block occupies the whole body area, the greater the impact on face

Originally I wanted to talk about the theme color, but after thinking about it, the color blocks are easier to understand. Sometimes, even if you use a big collar or other methods to brighten up, due to the large area of some colors, it will inevitably affect Face

The big collar is green and black, although the bare skin is better, but it still does not neutralize the dullness

——> Corollary 1: To neutralize the dullness, the brightening color block should be proportional to the dull color block (not the same size, but proportional)

Here if the hair color is light, or if you don’t use boots, use short boots to expose the fleshy black skin, or add some golden buttons and accessories to your clothes, it will be better.

A picture tells you why it is high risk for Asians to wear green. Why don’t people with plain facial features wear bright colors. She used a small amount of white to brighten it up-the problem with this color is not dullness, yellow skin is not suitable for this color. Then the color is too bright and not suitable for her.

Even with the belt necklace, the hair color is brown and the overall tone is still dull, so I further used red lipstick

According to the above two principles, we get:

  1. Cut the color block close to the face-don’t use too dark color, avoid using large color block yellow
  1. Large color blocks far away from the face-use proportionately to brighten, neutralize and dull
  1. Small color blocks close to the face-try to use this strategy to brighten
  1. Far away from the face, the color block is small-the image of the face is not big at this time, you can use a fluorescent color, green, and yellow to brighten the whole match

Finish talking about this color and face part

Question 2: Does this color make me look fat/slim?

Even people who have no research on the color matching of clothing will say: black is thin! Based on such simple knowledge, there are a lot of fat people in the world with a dark suit and a dull face that feels like a moving dark cloud.

On this point, the following clarifications are made:

  1. Indeed, under the same other conditions, dark colors have a more shrinking effect than light colors, so it can be said to be thinner-but dark colors are not only black, dark red, dark green, and navy blue, they are all dark colors.
  1. Even if you are a fat person, looking thin should not be the first priority in dressing up: a fat person does not mean that it is just a ball, but it can also be shaped into a big X shape. A fat person does not have to wear black, which is visually lightened. The one or two catties of her were actually not obvious before the weight of a large base, but the large dullness would drastically pull down her face, and the whole person looked heavy and melancholy. A 120-jin fat man with a curvilinear complexion will definitely not look more ugly than a 118-jin fat man with a dull complexion without a curve (in fact, he is still) ugly.
  1. There are many methods and techniques to show thinness. Cutting, patterning and other methods are more effective than colors, and they will not cause the problem of dull and heavy complexion.

To sum up the above three points, to sum up, slimming does not need to be the first priority of matching. Fat people do not have to wear black and dark colors. Even if they are fat people, they must have layers and shades of matching, so that the matching can be more thin than all with black.

She was blonde and snow-skinned, and she used shiny material and fleshy stockings, which was as dark and heavy. Under the same conditions, it must be worse for Asians.

In addition, in these three sets of collocations, I personally think that the rightmost is the best-even a very fat person must have relatively fat and relatively thin parts, revealing the thinner parts and concealing the fatter parts, not because they are all It’s the correct way of dressing if you’re over-average weight and cover up everything. Also, compared to the two sets on the left, the one on the right creates a layering through the chest pattern and through-meat stockings to avoid over-large areas. The heaviness brought by black-fat people also need levels!

Let’s look at some good examples:

It’s also black because it leaves a lot of skin to avoid heaviness. Max has thick thighs and black emphasizes the waistline. It’s not all covered. Is the overall effect better than the above?

In order to avoid large areas of black, red patterns are interspersed. The area of red is only slightly smaller than that of black. The red is used to make the face look good, the other is to echo the red lips, and the other is to avoid dullness-the red here is dark red , Which is the so-called retro color, although it is red, the expansion effect is not obvious, but it effectively avoids the heavy feeling of all black.

Red and black again, pay attention to the color of the shoes and skirts (lengthen the legs) and the black coat-dark coats can effectively shrink and therefore look thin, but be careful not to use short coats for people with big breasts, the coat is just right here To the waist, another effective slimming collocation technique is to use a dark belt, which is usually tied to the thinnest part of the waist.

Even if all dark tones are used, they don’t look thin

It’s not very thin, and why don’t you wear a skirt for such a feminine figure?

It’s not very skinny and beautiful

It’s not dark blue, it’s shiny, it should be swollen, but the style is good, and the tailoring is good, but it looks bumpy (leave room for the chest, outline the waistline, open the hem of the shirt to naturally transition to the crotch)

In the light color, outline a dark circle, so that the light color will make you look thin. The red color looks good, revealing the slender legs, and the pointed shoes extend the leg lines to the maximum.

It’s a light color-it fully shows that tailoring is more important than color for slimming

Having said so much, what I want to express with regard to color and slimness is: Although dark colors are thinner than light colors, large dark areas without layers will appear heavy. To look thin, it is better to rely on styles and tailoring. In addition, don’t pursue thinness too much.

Question 3: Does this color match the color of my hair?

For black hair, it is suitable for more vivid colors (including all vivid colors of warm and cold tones), suitable for cool colors, and not suitable for large areas of dark colors, because the hair itself will bring a feeling of dullness and is not suitable for light colors (except white). If you want to match a large area of dark colors, please do a good job of brightening according to the content mentioned before. If you want to match light colors, please tie or coil your hair as much as possible to reduce the area of color blocks. Short hair will be less restricted than long hair ( The color block is small).

Cool blue color, large area exposure can neutralize the dullness, and the color near the face is brighter.

Although red is considered a warm color, red and black is a classic match, and the red here is darker with a lot of black in between, making the transition with black hair less abrupt. Because of the large area of black hair, the lower body uses white and exposed skin to neutralize Dull

The hair is very dark, try to avoid the whole body is plain, the complexion is not good

Black hair and white clothes with red lips are a classic match. The black hair is blacker, the white is brighter, and the red is more seductive.

The same brighter color, and it is a large color block of pure color (relative pattern), creating a more imposing feeling, pay attention to the echo of the color of the shoes and the hair

The classic combination of red and black, the bright red here can also be matched

Black hair itself is heavy, not suitable for direct matching with light colors

If you must match light colors, the skills are

Use echo. Add the black color blocks in other parts of the whole body match. The black coat here is actually a bit abrupt and connected to the hair. The navy blue will be better and more layered.

Just adding a black bag is actually enough

Use sunglasses, black bag, and black skirt to echo

Make-up and earrings are used to echo the skirt to avoid the inconsistency of light skirts and dark hair

Brown hair

Compared to black, brown hair with black will be relatively less dull, but brown hair should be matched with warm colors rather than cool colors

Even if you wear black, it will not be too dull, and use the earrings brighten it

Compared with bright red, brown hair is yellowish, so the suitable color is warmer, with wine red

It’s not so obtrusive with light colors

If it’s black hair, it won’t fit well. The gloves and coats use the same color shade matching technique.

The yellowish green also looks good, the clothes here are dark

If you have a cool color, put your hair up to reduce the color block

It also looks good in orange (lace is used here to make it layered) (because it is also yellow)

Someone in the comments pointed out that this dress looks bloated. Yes, lace has such a problem. I put this picture here to illustrate the color. . Another little knowledge is not to buy cheap lace items, because cheap lace really has no texture. . .

Question 4: Is this color resistant to stains/does it meet the dress code for the occasion I want to attend?

Regarding stain resistance, everyone should know that dark colors are more stain resistant than light colors. It is also worth mentioning that unless you follow the Mori girl style, you should not buy clothes of old colors. This is not a problem of stain resistance. Is there a question of texture.

Regarding occasions, there is no particular emphasis on occasions, but once you work, you should know that some clothes are not suitable for work-generally speaking, too bright, and leopard prints, broken flowers, etc. are not suitable for work occasions.

Question 5 & Question 6

Does this dress match the clothes I already have? Does this color match my feeling?

I know that everyone hopes that they are versatile. You can wear t-shirts and jeans for a while, and evening dresses for a while. Today I wear boyfriend style, tomorrow I wear retro style…Always trying…As a result, after a year, things are piled up in the wardrobe, but a good match has almost no impression

There are also times when I go out to see a girl who is crying all over how fashionable she is—a fashionable fluorescent bag, a burgundy dress that is popular this year, plus a pair of over-the-knee boots—all looks expensive , But it is not very aesthetic.

This kind of mistake is often made by twenty-year-old girls-because we are ignorant of who we are and what advantages we have, so we don’t know what route we are going to take, so it is difficult to choose between dressing. But in fact, although there are people who can look good in various styles, they are almost non-existent, and even for this kind of people, they look good in various clothes—there is always one This kind is the most suitable for them. On this basis, adding a few common styles will form a stable dressing level that is usually not wrong and sometimes amazing.

Let me illustrate the importance of style first:

Taylor Swift is often referred to in street photography and is generally in line with the aesthetics of girls. Because of her iconic red lips (retro red), this girl likes retro colors to echo (in fact, dark hair is more retro), and because She is tall, and in order to add femininity, she generally follows the American country style (this is not to say that she is native, but she is a normal style of being a country singer).

I think her most suitable style is the little femininity. The key points are floral, skirts, long legs, and accessories. In fact, there are not many pieces, but they have a sense of matching (that is, they look well-dressed. )

Flowers and the same color headdress, nude high heels to further lengthen the legs-this kind of headdress can actually go to Taobao to buy a lot, and it is not too expensive, but it can create a feeling of ulterior motives.

Ditsy floral plus knit sweaters of the same color (true and practical matching skills-if you are not as thin as hers, you can use a brown sweater), because the main color yellow has a large area, use nude colors to avoid too many colors,If you have black hair, you should change your shoes to black

You can also use a bag without hair accessories. I really like ditsy floral .

This color match is very beautiful (also all retro colors), pay attention to the echo of the headwear and the gold edge of the bag (echoing both yellow and her hair color)

The above-mentioned color schemes are all retro, so I used [big curls] this kind of retro hairstyle-or understandably because I used this kind of hairstyle and adopted this kind of dress

Here is another pattern. Because it is a geometric pattern, it is more modern, so the hair is more curly. The color of her knitwear is determined by the pattern of the skirt, and the colors of the shoes and knitwear are the same.

When not using floral, she will use two very different colors to separate the color blocks (to avoid the same solid color block from being too large to have a swelling effect), and at the same time, the waistline is generated by color contrast. Although this one has many colors, the red and blue are actually very small (I think she must have red to match her red lips) so it can, but it also uses three very different colors, so the top color is very deep.

It may be the same top, using two pure colors on the top and bottom. The headwear echoes the red lips. Although you can’t see the feet, it’s nothing more than nude, dark blue or other unobtrusive colors. echo.

Don’t go in this style, be more neutral, she will wear like this

The suit is also very good-looking, because she has bright hair and red lips, so she can wear a full plain.We use black hair to match red lips and red envelopes-the uniform is the retro tone (red lips, brown envelopes, shoes)

Slightly more mature, the color of the bag and shoes is still the same, this is pretty passable, but compared to the previous ones, this is not her best condition

The skirt is beautiful, and the matching is no problem. Why is there a subtle discordance? A large area of ​​solid color swells at once. This green color doesn’t match her retro red lips, so this is not a suitable match.

To sum up, she can’t change her red lips, and all the matching must match this. Therefore, the overall color is retro, the most suitable is the country style flower dress, followed by the neutral style, which is not very suitable for mature ladies.

So we look for our style, and the idea is probably the same-what must be retained and what must be changed in conjunction.

When asking questions on Zhihu, one of the conclusions that I often get is to look at the face-it depends on the basis of your own style. I am sorry that the answer is to look at the face. The skeleton can be improved by matching clothes, the hairstyle can be, and the face can be made up. Although it can be changed to a certain extent, it is basically not big. This topic will be too long to spread out, so I will briefly give a few examples:

  1. People with big facial features will look brighter and more able to hold bright colors, contrasting colors and large areas of color blocks, suitable for European and American style (ie concise)
  1. If the facial features are small (the size is for the face), if you do not emphasize the facial features through makeup, please try to avoid bright colors, contrasting colors, and large areas of color blocks. As mentioned above, the facial features will be blurred and suitable for soft tones
  1. In comparison, the flesh on the face is less feminine/young than the flesh on the face. Therefore, the neutral supermodels have almost angular faces. If there is not much flesh on the face, they are more mature/capable style
  1. In comparison, round face/melon seed face is more feminine, square face/long face is more neutral and mature. The main influence on face shape is the line of chin and mandibular angle, so it can be changed by hairstyle to a certain extent

Square face, dignified, not very feminine

Use shadows (you can also use hair) to cover the corners of the jaw to make it feminine.

  1. The facial features are small (high forehead and short chin). If you don’t cover it, you can take the girly/pure route more, not very suitable for the mature route
  1. Long hair is more feminine than short hair, curly hair is feminine, straight hair is pure-you can change the style through hairstyle
  1. The degree of dressing on the face should be matched with the body-if the body wears a good match, at least the eyebrows on the face should be repaired and concealed-what we are after is not to wear beautiful clothes, but to look good. Our beautiful clothes. In contrast, if you wear casually, you don’t need false eyelashes on your face.

These principles are just what I wrote based on personal observations, and may not be complete. I think you can carefully observe yourself first, have a basic understanding of your own suitable style, and adjust slowly later. Because only by knowing which style you are suitable for can you fundamentally reduce the problem of buying one piece of clothing after another but still not knowing how to match it. Because the same style and style, the colors are all the same.

After finding your own style, you can start to build a wardrobe. First think about the occasions that you will usually appear in: for example, going to class, going out to eat, climbing, going to work, formal parties, etc., and then think about whether you are in line with these scenes The clothes you need-if not, what kind of clothes to buy that best match the existing ones.

Yes, yes, a very useful concept that many people don’t have is: before buying clothes, think about where you can wear it? How to match with existing clothes-I usually buy at least two existing clothes. Specific how to match, in addition to style, but also color, texture, pattern, etc., which will be discussed in the next part.

In the process of building a wardrobe, many people like to refer to the so-called list of 100 must-have items for women-these lists give you an approximate range, but in fact you don’t need to buy them all-look at this kind of list Well, how do these items match up with your existing style/clothes? Take me as an example. Although I am a man at heart, my face and body are too feminine, so almost leather jackets and denim jackets are all-match items for others, but I don’t use them at all. Basically It is the combination of various skirts and only a few pants. This can only be said to be a wardrobe that suits me, but everyone has to manage the wardrobe that suits me.

Forget where you saw it before, saying that women should clean their closet regularly, because the closet is the same as the home, it should be filled with things that make one’s heart fascinating. Therefore, it is not that you should be eliminated when you are old. If the style/texture is inconsistent with yourself, it can be eliminated. Rather than buying a lot of cheap items, it is better to buy a few good-quality all-match items. When you get to work, you will find that you don’t need to throw so many clothes and have a lot of clothes to wear now. This feels very good.

Part Two Basic Principles of Clothing Matching

For clothing collocation, style, fabric and color are all important aspects. Among them, I think color is the first thing to consider-the style of a dress is not what you want (for example, if you want a v-neck but a round neck) Through the change of accessories and inside and outside, and the color is not suitable, there is almost no chance of change. So if the color is not suitable, please eliminate such clothes as soon as possible.

Clothing collocation principle 1: the three-color principle. That is, the color patches on the body should not exceed three colors, but the colors of the same color system may not be strictly counted as one color (but it is better to not exceed three colors in total), and black and white are not counted as three. Color, gold and silver are not counted as three colors (it can be used to match dark colors to brighten), and finally, nude colors close to the skin color are not counted as three colors-therefore, everyone needs to have a certain amount of black and white nude items and gold Silver accessories, the three-color principle determines that their use must be the highest.

Clothing matching principle 2: light and shade principle (this is my own summary, welcome to discuss): the above three-color principle refers to only colors, but even the same color, the light and shade will feel different, such as red and wine red, royal blue and Sky blue, in one outfit, try to keep one or two bright colors. If there are two (for example, color collision), the area of ​​the color block must be controlled well, otherwise the color collision will steal the limelight of the facial features. On the other hand, if the overall color of the clothes is very dark, use gold and silver or other bright colors to brighten it.

All black and white, so use red lips and gold jewelry (the metal area is quite large)

Red lips again, because there are more black, so show your legs and face, add lighter color blocks

The third principle of clothing matching: the combination of pure colors and patterns. Under normal circumstances, a pure color in a outfit can be very strong. Patterns (broken flowers, polka dots, lattices, etc.) and pure colors are also very harmonious, but patterns and patterns require Try to avoid it. For beginners, it is difficult to match them appropriately.

Pure color plus pure color,but pay attention to the large solid color has a sense of expansion, so it may not be very suitable in daily life. You can use materials to make the color less solid to use a large piece of pure color

Use lace material to wear solid colors into patterns.

Pure color and pattern (practical skills, the matching pure color and pattern color will be more harmonious), this is a combination of top and bottom

Pure color and pattern, this is a combination of inside and outside. Note that pure color is also a kind of pattern color

Generally speaking, the size of the pattern should be proportional to the size of the person-fat people are not suitable for broken flowers, and small ones are not suitable for large flowers.

Fatty meets this kind of sincere giving up

It’s better for a relatively small person to wear a smaller pattern

The pattern can also be matched with the pattern, but pay attention to the coordination of the pattern

The color is basically the same, the pattern is all houndstooth, and the short style makes the area small. Because of the color is plain,so lipstick, red shoes, and red handbag are used.

Very plain, the color is uniform, I really should go back and put on a lipstick, and because there are two patterns, the rest is also plain.

In summary, if you want to use patterns and patterns, please keep consistency and make sure that other places are very plain

Clothing collocation principle 4: wide and tight principle

Just like the light and dark principle mentioned above, the collocation of clothing also pays attention to the lenient and tight collocation. Usually, everyone’s understanding of this principle lies in the upper body tightness and the lower body tightness, or the upper body tightness and the lower body looseness, but in fact we may not wear two pieces (for example, A dress, or two pieces on the inside and a long coat on the outside), so this principle is actually more widely used. Based on personal experience, I summarize the principle as follows:

In a set of clothing, there should be loose and tight. The overall tightness should be appropriate. It can be wide at the top, tight at the bottom, wide at the top and wide at the bottom. You can also use self-cultivation but not close-fitting between tight and loose. The most important thing is that you must remember the waistline when you are tight.

Tell me this sentence again: The waistline is a woman’s lifeline!

The last theoretical point is about being thin: people don’t judge how thin you are based on the part you cover, but judge how thin you are based on the exposed part-that’s why I think max is good, because max knows Show her skinny areas instead of covering herself, even if every part of her body is fatter than the model. This is why we must outline the waistline.

The waistline is right, and it can be looser up and down. Here is a strong contrast of colors, but her loose area is still relatively small, and the upper half of the skirt is quite slim.

Theory first: the waist is important, and the important thing is that it looks thin, outlines the curve, connects the previous and the next, and adjusts the center of gravity.

In this issue, we talk about how to show the waistline & how to choose a belt

Common ways to show waistline are

  1. Naturally have a waistline through appropriate tailoring. This refers to the waistline through tailoring instead of the waist drawstring. Generally, expensive and cheap clothes have different tailoring. Although everyone’s body is different, in general, It will be better to collect really expensive clothes. Two points of experience: European and American clothes will have a higher waist, so you don’t need to buy their high-waist styles. The second is that if a piece of clothing has a good color and material and is very waist (suitable for your waist), don’t miss it-positive Because the tailoring of the Siamese is very important, many talents actually prefer the two-piece style separated from the top and bottom. After all, there is more room for adjustment.

Amazon shopping waistline guide

First of all, dresses are very risky, because as mentioned above, dresses are very tailored

The dress you see on TV is like this

Then you think the rose is beautiful,you want to buy one.

Then you think it’s good when you see this. The waistline is obvious.

But what you don’t know is this

So don’t believe their model pictures=_=

Generally speaking, when shopping online, in addition to the price, avoid the above situation. Generally, two pieces will have lower risk than one-piece, soft materials will have lower risk than hard materials, and large collars have lower risk than small collars.

For clothes like this kind of clothes that make people feel stiff through the picture, it is likely that the position of the upper chest is not enough, and the position of the waistline is wrong-and you have almost nothing to do.

The soft material can at least adjust to the ups and downs of your figure, but we still have a belt.

Of course, if you want to buy a belt tailored like this, it won’t save you.

Ideally, of course, everyone would like to have a custom-fitted dress, and the grade will go up.

In fact, you can really customize or modify the clothes. It’s not very expensive, but the fit really looks high-end

But in fact, it is difficult for us to have a lot of skirts that fit on the body-and even if there are, it is depressing to wear one every day.

What should be done in this situation? Generally speaking, there are two countermeasures: use colors, styles or patterns to form waist lines naturally, or use belts to form waist lines

Now we talk about belts: There are four functions of belts in a set of clothing collocation:

Show waistline

Tuck loose clothes into ideal shape

Echoing body color


The first two are to change the shape of the match, the latter two are to change the color distribution of the match

The belt matching principles are as follows:

  1. The thin belt is more ladies, the thick belt is more passionate and unrestrained

Her red belt also echoes her red lips. For people with a darker wardrobe as a whole, a red envelope and a red belt are all accessories that are small in cost but can effectively improve the matching. The material is not clear here. , If the silk is more ladylike, but the leather is relatively more versatile (you can spend dozens more to buy real leather)

More unrestrained, with an energetic smile and Roman shoes, belts, handbags, hair, shoes, the color is uniform, a total of two colors, very simple and powerful-I guess she has collected many items of the same color according to her hair color Match. Playing with accessories is really fun.

The lady’s style comes with a black belt-isn’t it weird?

The second inexplicable belt collocation, as well as this inexplicable style, is sweet from the skirt. But she wore a leopard print and added a bohemian belt-it was ugly

This principle is not absolute. What kind of belt is affected by many factors.

  1. The more you want to gather, the thicker the belt should be-to make it simpler, it means that the more open the clothes are, the thicker the clothes, the greater the force of the clothes going out, and the thicker the belt should be

It feels that the skirt is quite puffy, and such a thin belt is a little weak

A thick belt should be used for a thick coat. She is mainly used here to gather it up. In fact, the overall tone is dark and it should be brightened.

The belt that comes with the clothes couldn’t be better

If the clothes are light and thin, a thin belt will do. They are also very ladylike

This dress will look beautiful with a red belt, and her red earrings are also beautiful, either with a red belt or a red envelope

  1. The correct position of the waistband should be the thinnest part of the waist. If your main consideration is to show height, it can be tied to the ribs, but most people’s thinnest parts are under the ribs. For people with big breasts, because the breasts occupies a large area, the lower half of the breasts will definitely be lower, so try to avoid skirts with too high waist or belts that are too high

Correct location

It’s okay to be a little taller, anyway, her breasts are not big, she is tall and she doesn’t show her belly even after eating.

This one is neither thin nor high (because this is out of the range of normal waist, so everyone will not think that it is waist)……

The waistband generally has a brighter color (expansion effect), and the thinner it is. The waistband can generally correspond to the patterns or other accessories on shoes or bags or clothes. The thicker the belt, the lower the belt. If you have a big chest, please do not wear a high waist belt (but you can wear a high waist dress with a suitable tailoring)

This belt is black and can be wide, but it is slightly higher, like a Korean version.

Lean the belt to bring out the waistline

Brighten up with waistband

Belts in the same color as clothes, or thin metal belts, sometimes unexpectedly fit

Note that the shoes and belt are the same color.

In addition to using a belt, you can also form a waistline naturally through color contrast

Like this

Or the change of solid color and pattern

Many people asked me what to do with short legs, thick waist, flat chest, and thick arms—One word, cover up.

Since we talk about a shortcoming, we need to find an advantage. Covering a little corresponds to revealing a little, not necessarily revealing flesh, but also revealing lines.

She has been showing her legs and her upper body is very tight

Cool the upper body and change to a knee-length dress

Wearing a short skirt and top is tight.

The sixth principle of clothing collocation: bright spot principle

Generally, to make a set of matching look like a match or a good match, a set of matching needs to have a certain highlight. This highlight can be a coordinated color, a suitable tailoring, or a dullness. Bright colors. Generally speaking, it is enough for beginners to pursue a set of clothing with a bright spot. Too much can easily appear chaotic. In addition, because the bright spot attracts attention, where to put the bright spot, it also needs to be considered. If you wear a black suit with red shoes, it will cause your attention to drop and you will be short.

It doesn’t need to be too complicated. The highlight of this set is the quiet (dark green) and pure (white) feeling brought by the color combination.

A bright orange is added to the deep blue, which suddenly becomes playful and avoids dullness. And, because the bright spot is in the upper part, it will appear taller to a certain extent.

Another point of note in this picture is the number and collocation of the highlights. Here, the neckline and earrings are of the same color and the area is similar. It feels a bit crowded. Generally speaking, earrings and necklaces are not used at the same time because they are very close. Using earrings/necklaces and bracelets is a safer way to match.

If there is a good single product, then it is the highlight of this set. Because the area of the highlight is large, no other colors are used to divert attention, just use nude shoes.

In the whole set of dark collocation, red shoes are added, but they are slightly shorter because of the lower line of sight, and the shoes and pants will appear short in different colors. However, sometimes, showing height is not the only pursuit.

In clothing matching, there are many needs, such as white, tall, thin, small face, concave style, concave shape. It is difficult to have a dress that can fully satisfy. Therefore, you must know how to choose. For tall people, maybe Being tall is not more important than looking good, and for people of normal body shape, being thin is not necessary. So there is no need to worry about a small defect in clothes. Just like people, clothes will not be perfect.

Clothing matching skills & recommended items

One, show high

The skills to show the height are as follows:

  1. Shoes and trousers are the same color, shoes and skirts are the same color. Simply put, don’t divide the legs by style and color, so that the legs are as coordinated as possible in terms of visual effects and therefore as long as possible; ——> Inference, count your own color I wear more shoes, do you have shoes of this color?
  1. Raise the waistline, use the waistband or the above-mentioned method to naturally reflect the waistline to make a pseudo waistline (compared to the actual waistline), or tuck the top into the bottom (the top is not too loose and there is no elastic band underneath) It’s too textureless) ——> Count the silhouette of your clothes, whether they are naturally high waist or natural waist. If not, buy a belt according to the color of your existing clothes (for example, you can buy navy blue for all blue clothes. It’s black and white to buy the same color as bright bags or bright shoes. If you don’t have bright bags, buy bright shoes in red. They are very dull and buy a metal decoration. Generally, you can buy a thin belt of gold, silver, black, red and navy blue. Daily needs).
  1. Improve the location of the highlight, boldly use silk scarves, headwear, headbands, hairpins, necklaces, brains, scarves, etc.), avoid using or eye-catching clothes and shoes. ——>Purchase accessories such as scarves and necklaces according to the color of the clothes.

For example, echoing with red lips can also increase the sense of matching.

Show thin:

I have said a lot about being thin before, the most important thing is to cover the fattest part of yourself and reveal the thinnest part of yourself! Don’t cover it all! Do not use small broken flowers or other small patterns. In fact, you don’t have to choose black and dark colors. Tailoring is the most important! Also, we must emphasize the waistline!

——This is just to give you a basic framework, how to know yourself, how to start choosing clothes, but the specific steps, in fact, in terms of each step, there is a lot to say. But even if you find more pictures here, no matter how many theories you read here, the most important point for your level of collocation must be to build it by yourself. A friend who is recognized as having a better taste can give it to you when shopping. Give some good suggestions, but everyone has different aesthetics. I think that even if someone tells me which one I wear is beautiful, but if I feel that the dress is “not mine”, it is difficult for me to wear that dress. Be yourself. Millions of theories, including color and body theories, tell you that you are suitable, and it is impossible to avoid situations where you don’t actually fit.

Finally, although there are many theories about clothing matching, if you follow these theories, the first confusion you will actually fall into is which type you belong to-I am not saying that theoretical classification is not helpful, they can actually be used. In order to guide the general direction, any theory is recommended, but it is not suitable for oneself. This is completely there. Everyone’s way of matching is subject to its economy, aesthetics, occasions, etc. Therefore, the most suitable one must be tailor-made for yourself.

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