How to wear high heels elegantly?

In my opinion, to wear high heels elegantly, you have to wear comfortable, good-looking walking posture, the style of the shoes is simple and generous, without any of them, it is not “elegant”

A pair of high heels, first of all you have to wear it comfortably! There is no such thing as nothing else! Note that the comfort here is relative. It is meaningless to compare the comfort of high heels and flat shoes. So how to buy shoes that are as comfortable as possible, I have accumulated some care~

Let’s talk about the material first, the material is really important for high heels. I sometimes buy flat shoes made of PU at once, but I will never take a look at high heels as long as they are made of PU, even if the shoes are so beautiful! I didn’t know how to buy a bunch of cheap PU high heels years ago, it really scarred my feet (=@__@=). Leather shoes are softer and more comfortable to wear, which is equivalent to taking care of your feet carefully. The best leather for high heels is lambskin, and the comfort on your feet instantly kills all kinds of rotten PU leather.

Then there is the height of the heel. The comparison chart is as follows!

Which height of shoes do you think is the best? I think the 8cm and 10cm heels are the most beautiful. They lengthen the legs and enhance the sense of fluency without making people feel too uncomfortable. But the girl who just started wearing high heels obviously can’t control this height. You can try it with a 5cm heel or a thick wedge heel.

Then when it comes to trying high heels in a shoe store, you must try them on longer, take a few more steps, and carefully feel whether your feet are uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t listen to the salesperson’s flicking, “It’s okay to wear it for a long time”! If you find that the center of gravity is on the soles of your feet, do not buy shoes that are under a lot of pressure; do not buy shoes that are not stable enough, and do not buy shoes that are slightly shaken when walking. Any discomfort on your feet when trying on shoes will be magnified a hundred times after you buy them home~ This lesson is 100% verified on me T^T

Now let’s talk about external elegance~ Hmm… Let’s start with walking posture.

Sometimes you can see girls walking in high heels on the road in a funny posture. I summarized that the legs are not straight and the back is not straight, which makes people feel intimidating. I have experienced such a process when I practice wearing high heels. Later, I slowly figured out a conclusion:

When walking in high heels, be sure not to bend your knees and straighten your legs. Use your thighs and hips to drive your whole body, with your heels touching the ground first. The center of gravity shifts back. Stand tall but don’t lean back. Retract the head and neck, slightly retract the chin, and look forward. The most important thing is to force the crotch to drive the entire leg, that is, [swing the hip] ~ like this:

The heroine in “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily” is a model of walking posture, but unfortunately the answer can’t be put into the GIF animation. Girls who are interested can watch the movie and learn how the heroine walks.

Finally, the style of high heels is elegant~

I think high-heeled shoes that give a sense of elegance are generally simple and classic in design, with less messy decoration. The four top brands of women’s shoes in the world: Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Roger Vivier and Manolo Blahnik, they all have good classics, um, take them for example~

① Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo should be regarded as the most familiar brand. Various actresses also prefer their pointed shoes when attending occasions. It’s a bit strange for ordinary people to wear such grand shoes in their lives, but they can still be held in various parties~

f you think this heel is too high and the toe is too sharp, in fact, Jimmy Choo also designs shoes suitable for office workers, they are all simple and elegant designs

② Christian Louboutin

Its red-soled shoes are famous, and the sharp styles as the JC pointed shoes are Iriza, So Kate and Pigalle. These three styles basically only differ in the size of the side opening and the thickness of the heel.

But CL also has shoes with less exaggerated designs, namely Simple Pump and New Simple Pump. New Simple has one more waterproof platform than Simple. Compared with the pointed shoes above, there is less sharpness. Especially the toe caps. The three pairs of toes on the top look like something (it must be painful for people to wear them with fat feet). The toe caps of these two series are slightly rounded and pointed.

③ Roger Vivier

It is also the famous square buckle shoes. Its square buckle shoes have more flat shoes, and the square buckle high heels are slightly less. Compared with the two classic shoes above, it has a little more simple decoration, which has a brightening effect.

④ Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik’s classic Suede BB Pumps series is also the main point-toed shoes, but unlike Jimmy Choo, it specializes in brightly colored suede, which is goatskin. If the whole person’s dress is limited to black, white and gray, which is more dull and dull, you can try a pair of MB’s pointed shoes. In particular, MB’s pointed-toed shoes are different from other pointed and high-heeled shoes. The lowest heel height is only 6cm, and the highest heel height is only 10cm. They are very suitable for office workers.

So, it’s not easy for girls to wear high heels with elegance. You have to have a strong willpower to endure all kinds of foot pains, practice walking in front of the mirror repeatedly, and have money. I admire the girl who has the desire and the ability to control high heels. She pays for being beautiful, but she holds up her most beautiful posture.


I still hope that if the girls are tired from wearing high heels, why not change to a pair of flat shoes? The domineering in high heels is beautiful, but the freedom and self in flat shoes is another beauty~


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