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AE lighting effects plug-in: OpticalFlares V1.3.5 CS5-CC 2019, with complete lighting presets

Once the lighting factory ruled AE for more than ten years, AK God ’s OpticalFlares for at least 20 years ~ Expect AK to produce a subversive particle plug-in like Particular, Particular updated once every ten years ~, Video Copilot OpticalFlares 1.3.5 contains crack steps And all lighting presets Support After Effects CS5, CS6, CC, […]

3DsMax renderer: VRayNEXT v4.10.03 For 2014-2020

VRay Next Update 1 – new features Modify function:V-Ray: reduce the news about invalid bump normals;V-Ray IPR: Does not calculate the rendering elements of the viewport IPR (except for noise remover);V-Ray GPU: consistent light rendering elements;VRayFastSSS2: When V-Ray GPU is the current renderer, hide the “single scattering” ray tracing (refraction) and ray tracing (solid) modes […]

Autodesk 3D Max 2017 high-resolution data upgrade package to solve font problems

Autodesk is the world’s largest 2D and 3D design software company. Autodesk’s official website provides AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Inventor, Civil 3D and other CAD software for manufacturing, construction engineering, infrastructure and media entertainment industries, 3D Max 2017 It is a new 3D animation rendering and production software launched in 2016. This software is […]

3DsMax Advanced Renderer – VRAY v4.02.04 For 2013-2019 [First release]

Main functions of VRAY 4.0 Highly optimized ray tracing renderingUse V-Ray’s adaptive ray tracing technology to render professional-quality realistic pictures and animations. Powerful GPU rendering — now supports mixed rendering modesV-Ray GPU CUDA can now be rendered on both the CPU and GPU, making full use of all hardware resources. V-RAY IPRFull interactive product rendering. […]