Capture arbitrary http and https traffic through Proxifier, V2ray and Newwifi

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1 Introduction
Under normal circumstances, when a device cannot set up a proxy, it is difficult to modify its data packet or change the data packet. In the past, we all used arp spoofing for traffic diversion, but I will introduce a new method below.

For example: A is a normal user, B is an attacker, and they are all connected to the C route. (D-Proxy Server)

B wants to modify the traffic of user A

We can use arp spoofing to guide A’s traffic to B to attack, but I found in actual tests that if A’s traffic is too large, it is easy to disconnect, which will cause A’s network to be very unstable, and the forwarded packets are not Easy to handle and many other problems.

So I changed my mind and let the router C connect to the proxy server D, so that all devices connected to the router C will use the proxy server, and then use fiddler or burpsuite to directly process the HTTP and HTTPS traffic inside the proxy server D.

2. Establish a proxy server
(Proxy Server D)

Link: Extraction code: bbvs

Download from the link above, modify the config file inside after downloading

Change the ip to to the ip of your own server, because it is open to the outside world, and then modify the port

My modifications are as follows

Just run v2ray.exe

3.proxifier, fiddler settings
Note that this step is also performed on the proxy server D

Fiddler or burpsuite is set to direct connection, that is, let them directly connect to the Internet, otherwise they will keep going in circles

The default action is https

ip is

Port 8080

The port here is 8080. Because the listening port in my fiddler was also changed to 8080 by me

Capture https

Just check decryption, but the fiddler certificate of the server needs to be trusted locally.


4. NewWifi settings
(C routing)

Select sock5 in the ssr plugin below

Connect to the server created in the first step

ip is A, let’s use a proxy, we can catch A’s packet

This is the packet captured from A.



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