Dictionary generator crunch and its application

As a very important part of the penetration, social engineering has a great power. This article introduces the combination of social engineering and the auxiliary dictionary tool crunch.

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Crunch can input the user’s habits to generate the corresponding password dictionary, rather than pure brute force cracking. It is the art of social engineering to use crunch well. This article introduces the use of crunch, the application cases of social engineering, and the download address.

download link:

crunch: https://github.com/crunchsec/crunch


Crunch is integrated in the kali environment and can be used directly. This test uses the kali environment directly.



In order to emphasize the key points and facilitate quick start, I only introduce the practical parameters of crunch.

-p xxx xxx xx specify word combination

-o specifies the output location

-d restricts the appearance of the same letter, which can reduce some low-probability passwords

-t @,%^ specify a specific combination

@ Stands for lowercase letters

, For uppercase letters

% Represents the number

^ Stands for special symbols


The most practical is the above 4 parameters, which can generate a dictionary according to a specific method


Dictionary generation

People manage their passwords to maintain the characteristics of being easy for their own memory. Setting passwords often adopts fixed logic, such as words that so and so remember deeply for themselves, and add some special meaning numbers to combine them to form their own passwords, so dictionaries are often targeted at someone. Proper use can even calculate the password that the administrator wants to set in the future.

The first step is to collect all the information of the target, such as the exposed administrator’s email address, administrator’s name, administrator’s contact information, date of birth and other information, or website URL and other information that may become keywords.

The second step is to look for internal information. The external information may be limited. If you can find the social work database, you can put it in the social work database for inquiries, etc. The specific method is not redundantly described here.

The third step is to find the information and form the corresponding dictionary. For example, if the administrator name (zhangsan) and mailbox 123456@xxx.com are found, a social network nickname (dafeng), we will combine the password

Open kali to guess the password is a combination of letters and numbers

Key in the key words: crunch 16 16 -t zhangsan199%0%0% (Guess the password with name plus birthday, guess the administrator’s post-90s)

Generate dictionary-test password

Then guess the administrator’s password combination mode two, generate a dictionary two test, until the test exit order.

In the follow-up, I will write a web graphical interface to generate a dictionary, and directly generate a complete dictionary. After writing it, I will put the connection here: 10ad2a5.nat123.cc

Establish awareness of protecting personal information and prevent it from being used.




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