DIY the phone into a hardware WAF

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WAF stands for Web application firewall, which is used for website security protection.

Deploying WAF for website protection is indispensable for website operators, and WAF has gradually become familiar to the Internet crowd.

The general WAF, that is, the product that protects against network attacks, is not too novel and not interesting.

In this article, the mobile phone will be made into a hardware WAF.

First look at the effect achieved

That is: the mobile phone becomes a hardware WAF, the WAF can be accessed on the computer, and the website protected by the mobile phone can be accessed.

Ready to work:
1. Hardware: a mobile phone

2. Software: ShareWAF, Termux, Nodejs

Note: Android phones and ios systems have not been tested.

Termux is a linux environment simulator; ShareWAF is a software WAF; Nodejs is the operating environment of ShareWAF.

Implementation steps:
1. First, you need to install termux, which is used to implement a virtual machine in a mobile phone.

2. Open termux and install nodejs environment in it.

Termux is actually a linux environment, the process of installing node in linux is very simple, skip it here,

Then use the wget command on the command line to get the ShareWAF installation package.

The installation package path of ShareWAF is as shown in the figure above. You can also check the download address on the ShareWAF official website.

3. After the ShareWAF is downloaded, use the unzip command to unzip it, and unzip it to the current directory.


4. Install the ShareWAF module.

The installation process can refer to the installation instructions of ShareWAF.

5. Use ifconfig to check the local IP and prepare to visit.

The most important step: start ShareWAF.

To initiate a visit on the computer:

It can be accessed normally, and the 3D earth displayed on the webpage is a real-time attack display system of WAF, which is very gorgeous.

Our mobile phone WAF is ready.

More protection function settings, you can enter the ShareWAF background for configuration, you can set the protection target website, you can set the opening of various protection functions, and so on.

Although the device is a mobile phone, although it is very small, it is indeed a hardware WAF.

With this idea, we can of course also make large hardware WAFs.


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