MyBase Desktop 7.3.4 for macOS reverse engineering

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1:Search copy/paste to find the registration box location:

2:Back to the registration function:
3:Enter the verification code verification function:


This string should be the private key, the one below

rax = sub_10019c610(&var_30, rbx, r15)

This is where the input string is really judged, follow up to see the implementation

4:Verification algorithm:

Here, we only need to modify the return value:

mov        al, bl      ; CODE XREF=sub_10019c610+477, sub_10019c610+488, sub_10019c610+714
add        rsp, 0x60
pop        rbx
pop        r14
pop        rbp

Change mov al,bl to mov al,0x1, you don’t even need nop padding
5:After exporting the executable file, any registration code can be activated


Download it.


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