Reverse engineering tools


These tools include:

[Android Tools] Relevant tools used for reverse engineering of Android programs
[Debuggers] Dynamic debugging tools
[Disassemblers] Decompilation tool (mainly static analysis)
[PEtools] PE file analysis and shell checking related tools
[Packers] Packing related tools to the program
[Patchers] Make patches related tools for programs
[Editors] Program resource editing, text manipulation related tools
[Crptography] Algorithm related tools
[Unpackers] Unpackers related
[Dongle] Dongle related
[.NET] Microsoft. Net program reverse engineering tool
[OllyDbg 1.x Plugin] Dynamic debugging tool OllyDbg 1.x plug-in program
[OllyDbg 2.x Plugin] Dynamic debugging tool OllyDbg 2.x plug-in program
[IDA Plugin] The plug-in program of the decompilation tool IDA
[Mac OSX] Mac OSX system program reverse related tools
[Other] Other related programs


Download link:

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IDA Download

The following tools can be downloaded by members:

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More Tools:





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